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Moe’s Tackle Unlimited

Factory Direct Fishing Lures


Welcome to our website, glad you’re taking time to visit!  We manufacture all our fishing lures in Terrell Texas USA and sell them Factory Direct to you, the Angler!  We do not sell to distributors, sales groups, or other middle men!  Made in the USA and sold straight from the powder paint oven!  We use quality hooks, paint, split rings, wire, and other components made in the USA and build top shelf fishing lures!  We take pride in building quality lures in Texas, and selling them at great prices.  

Fishing Lures,Made in Texas started December 8, 2008 with six slab spoon lures, a very small garage and not a lot of industry knowledge?  November 4, 2015 we have 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse, a 20″ Spin Cast Machine, 20″ Vulcanizer, 100 lb melting pot, and a 4′ x 6′ powder paint oven and spray booth!  We can make just about anything our of Pb (lead) and have several wire bending machines!  Our business model is simple!  High Quality Fishing Lures made in Texas and sold at super low prices!  The model is working and we are growing.  We think 2016 will be our break-out year!  If you are an angler ; click, shop, buy, save, and CATCH!  If you own a Tackle Shop or a lure business and need a spin cast manufacturer, shoot us an email.

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