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Dead Sticking Lures

Dead Stick Jig Heads

Dead Stick Flukes

Got Dead Sticking Lures?  We do!  If you like to Dead Stick for Striped Bass in cold weather, we have the lures that will put BIG FISH in the net!  We designed and manufacture a full line of Dead Stick Lures from jig heads, to flukes, and drop shot hooks!  We are your Dead Sticking Headquarters!  We use the best hooks in our Dead Head Jig Head!  The VMC Barbarian Hook is the best!  Razor sharp out of the box and designed to keep fish stuck!  We offer fish catching colors on our Dead Assassin Flukes!  From Pink to Ice to Banana, we got them at great prices!  We are your one stop shop for all things Dead Sticking!  We are the 1st manufacturer to offer a GooGlue Bait Keeper!  The UV Resin will not tear up your Fluke and keep soft plastics on the hook!  Don’t forget drop shot hooks and drop shot clips to double rig when Striper get lockjaw!  

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