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Drop Shot Clips

Drop Shot Clips

Dead Sticking Striper

If you like to run a double rig when you Dead Stick Striper, the Drop Shot Clip is "THE ANSWER"!  Avoid line twists from drop down jig heads and avoid line breaks!  The Drop Shot Clip is very simple and economical way to double rig flukes!  It is also great with a Slab Spoon too!  Get all your Dead Sticking Lures at Factory Direct Prices and one stop shopping!  

Dead Stick Jig Heads

Dead Stick Jig Heads!

Got Dead Stick Jig Heads?  Like to Dead Stick for Striper?  Like to Hang Big Fish on North Texas Lakes this winter?  We can help!  The DeadHead Jig Head is the best Dead Stick Jig Head on Planet Earth!  A very sharp Black Platinum Hook with ScrewLock Technology to Keep your Dead Assassin Fluke on your jig head and in the strike zone!  Make sure you don't miss the fish of a lifetime!  Buy DeadHead Jig Heads and find out why anglers are saying " Better Fishing : Less Money!!"
5 inch Fluke,5inch Jerk Shad,Dead Stick Fluke,Striper Fluke,Striped Bass Lure

Dead Sticking Flukes

BUY Dead Sticking Flukes for Striped Bass and Hybrid Striper at Factory Direct Prices!  Dead Stick Season is NOW!  Get the hottest fish catching colors factory direct at!  We offer a 5 inch Fluke with a slit belly and forked tail in some very cool colors!  Check out the Pink Ice, it's very HOT!  Don't forget our almost famous DeadHead Jig Heads and Drop shot Clips to complete your winter fishing tackle needs! If you are chasing North Texas Striper and Hybrid Striper this winter, get the Dead Sticking Flukes that put BIG Fish in the NET!  Our ProStaff Guides has designed the BEST Dead Sticking Fluke colors for Striped Bass.

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Submitted on 2014/07/02 at 9:30 am
I really like the action on this jig. I generally use it flipping in vertical timber, where the trees have some separation.

I mainly use the 1/8 chart w/soft plastic. I flip past the targeted tree and let it flutter to the desired depth. For me that is when the jig is position at the targeted tree. I then slowly reel in.

The hit usually is at the beginning of the reel in. This method allows for more stealth because the boat is not on top of the tree. This is especially effective in lakes like Lake of the Pines, E Texas or Ray Roberts.

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Submitted on 2014/06/24 at 10:42 am


This is a great slab! Hybrids and Striper Love this Slab!

slab Spoons,Peekwi Chieftain Slab Spoon,Casting Spoons,Jigging Slab Spoon,slabs

I know ya’ll are land locked, but these work great for saltwater inshore fishing as well. Been hunting something that flutters like mad and I can hand customers that they can jig without the need for fresh bait. I add a small strip of Fishbites, and no more bait stealing machines. Just Trout, Redfish and more….
I’m in Jacksonville Florida and plan on using the hell out of these when in 10′ or less of water. (because we have killer current here, thats why 10′)
Wish I had a mold like this! Visit me at:

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